Blowing Away the Cobwebs: Do You Know How to Reach Your Sporting Agent?

March 18, 2012

Are your rifle, gun and rod gathering dust? Fear not. With an email or a phone call you can enter a season of great sportfulness.
There’s fishing on southern chalkstreams from infamous like the Test and Itchen to more obscure waters like the Piddle and Ebble. Or maybe pulling the trigger 500 times in a sunny summer’s day is more your speed? Simulated game days are afoot with dates for scratch days and whole teams available. And of course the roe season is peeking a wary head around the corner.
If packing your suitcase and escaping these shores for foreign climes appeals, we are still booking trips to South Africa and Argentina, Spain and Croatia. Within a couple of hours’ drive of Buenos Aires, you can be engaging in high volume dove shooting that will leave your heart racing and barrels hot. In Croatia, you can dabble your toes in the Med before heading inland to tackle the migratory quail over pointers.
A word of warning to the procrastinators out there: shooting is booking up fast for the coming season. Giving me the heads up can make the difference between a lovely day in the field or one spent on the sofa watching cartoons with the kids. As always, if I can help please get in touch.