Country Cartoonist: Andy Sipson


Outside Days is delighted to share with you the satirical talents of cartoonist Andy Sipson.
We stumbled across country cartoonist Andy’s skill when he joined us for a walked up day and sent a cartoon of Howard as thanks (we think).

Passionate about all sorts of countryside activities, Andy’s been producing cartoons based on shooting, fishing, hunting, farming, horse riding and numerous other country pastimes for years.

Andy collects those priceless moments in the field, preserving them for posterity with keen observer’s eye and acerbic wit.

Some of the best days in the field are memorable for their laughter. From our dogs’ ability to show us up to grace (or lack thereof) when encountering obstacles to sporting prowess in the bag and the ones that get away. What better way to translate that laughter into art to be shared than by commissioning a cartoon?
Invite Andy along to record the personalities and incidents of a special day in the field in a series of cartoons.

Or send him a photo and a written character sketch and he’ll produce the perfect Christmas gift, birthday surprise, leaving token or thank you present.

Like any fabulous artist, he performs that magic of appearing to be invisible so guards are let down and true personalities come out. From the ink in his pen blossom all of the idiosyncrasies and quirks that make us identifiable.