February 27, 2010

When Britain mothballs game shooting for the season, my attentions turn to sport further afield, and to the next season looming on the horizon – a summer of game clays and fishing for trout and salmon. While you’ve been reliving the season past over a pint and cleaning your gun for the final time, I’ve […]

February 27, 2010

Subtitle: The Things I Really Need to Know to Make Your Day Work We start booking shooting for one season before the previous season closes, and are in full swing planning for the season to come by the time March becomes lamb-like. Much as I love extended email conversations and playing phone tennis, tag, and catch […]

May 27, 2008

It’s been a funny kind of year for flies: almost no hawthorne, and straight into the mayfly hatch. Despite a stiff breeze, the mayfly started hatching about lunchtime on Tuesday, and trout took immediate notice. After a morning with limited surface activity (mainly grass snakes on the move), the clients and I packed it in […]