Pike on The Fly



Pike are top of the heap when it comes to British freshwater piscine predators, lying in wait to ambush prey. Learn to read a water for these aquatic monsters, casting big flies and handling 10weight fly tackle in pursuit of pike on the fly.
Unlike trout, which are relatively limited in size in freshwater, pike will exceed 20lbs. In fact, the average caught in the past year on the body of water you’d be fishing was over 10lbs, with one monster of 28lbs being caught by a determined angler. With heads the size of dinner plates, and solid torpedo-shaped bodies, these truly are freshwater monsters.
As you’d suspect, landing a pike on the fly takes some specialised kit adapted to the scale and tastes of the quarry, and not a little skill.

Fortunately, the expert Mr Esox is to hand. A guided day will have you mastering pike principles, from casting budgerigar-sized lures to tying knots in wire traces.

While you master the mindset of the aquatic leviathan and confront him in his lair, non-fishing family and friends can enjoy gorgeous, extremely accessible surroundings just off the M4 near Swindon.

Golf and spa days are available for non-fishing partners, as is luxurious on site accommodation for those wanting to make a short break of it.
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Fact File


16th June – 14th March
Prime season for monster pike is between October and November and again between February and March.


There is no specific clothing required, but neutral and natural colours are most suited to subtle bankside stalking.
Dress appropriately for the season and local conditions. We recommend wearing layers to enable you to adjust your clothing and temperature over the day.
Wading is not required:boots or shoes are fine.
Polarised sunglasses and a hat will not only provide protection but make spotting of fish easier.

All tackle is provided, but should you wish to bring your own it should be:


9ft 10wt


Floating and slow sinking lines with a wire trace


Big colourful streamers (also available from the guide on the day)

Group Size

One or two  anglers


Travelling to the UK from within the EU needs no visa
Travel from outside the EU may require a visa at the port of entry

UK fishing licences can be arranged by Outside Days or purchased on-line.




None required


It is standard practice to tip the fishing guide at the end of the day. The size of tip varies depending on the number and size of fish caught, the amount of coaching and assistance requested of the guide, and how much fun you’ve had. Of course tipping and the amount tipped are at your discretion, but there are a couple of different ways to work this out. One school of thought is to tip between 10 and 20% of what you are paying for your fishing. Others calculate it on a flat rate per day (usually somewhere between £20 and £50).


GBP Sterling



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