Fishing Overseas

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With the advent of capable multi-piece travel rods, lightweight waders and budget air travel, fishing overseas is now more accessible than ever before. Whether its a fishing focussed trip, a few days off during a family vacation or as part of mixed sport holiday, fishing overseas gives the opportunity to chase species and specimens not available at home.

Fact File

Why buy overseas fishing from an agent?

We can’t speak for everyone, but at Outside Days we put a lot of thought, time and commitment into selecting our overseas partners. A careful and rigorous selection process (usually including a guinea pig trip) is undertaken so that we know the team in country, and can share with you what to expect. A sporting holiday should include plenty of challenges, but we do our utmost to ensure that these are sporting and not lifestyle. To that end:

  • We will ensure that the guides/hosts at your destination are proficient in the trade and understand what you, as a client want
  • We will ensure all relevant fishing licenses and permits are in place

In short, we take the trouble, stress and effort out of enjoying your sport abroad.

Flying with fishing rods

We advise that all clients view the web site of the airline they are flying with, print out the guidelines  and take them with you. Very often the airline staff are not aware of their own regulations.

Travel fishing rods have made life much easier for the jet-setting angler but if you need to use an additional rod case make sure it is of the non-crush variety. It’s upsetting to break a favourite rod when hooked into a fish of a lifetime but really upsetting to turn up at you arrival airport to find your broken rods appear on the carousel.

Most airlines travelling to or from the UK have a baggage allowance of 20kg to 23kg and some include the sporting equipment allowance within that however some do charge extra.

Airline websites

Aerolineas Argentinas
British Airways
South African Airways
Virgin Atlantic


Argentina: Golden Dorado

So good they named it twice, the dorado is an aggressive predator and a challenging quarry on the fly
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Italy: Wels Catfish on Fly in Florence

Land an epic Wels catfish of your own: the river Arno in Tuscany is home to fly-mauling 100 kilo monsters
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Spain: Barbel on the Dryfly

Best described as upside down bonefishing, cast to cruising barbel as they come into the shallows to hunt, fins above the water
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Spain: Freestone River Trout Fishing

Winding their way through limestone gorges, the Guadalajara rivers offer spectacular and beautiful, fin-perfect wild brown trout
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Spain: Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon in Northern Spain

Spanish fish are perverse: fish for sea trout on the dry fly in the midday sun and the southernmost population of Atlantic salmon.
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Spain: Trout At Altitude in The Pyrenees

Follow in Hemingway’s footsteps and experience what he called ‘the closest thing to heaven’: fly fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees
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Spain: Wild Double Figure Brown Trout

Not known as a trout destination, Spain offers one of the closest destination for double figure wild brown trout on the dry fly
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Sweden: Salmon

Just south of the Arctic Circle, where summer nights are over before you blink is some of Sweden’s most spectacular salmon fishing
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Sweden: Wild Brown Trout & Char

A country with 95,700 lakes and countless kilometres of river is a recipe for fabulous fishing
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Texas, USA: Large Mouth & Striped Bass

Join in the American obsession with catching bass…add fast boats to the mix and it’s a recipe for a new fishing addiction
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