Spain: Wild Double Figure Brown Trout



Ask a flyfisherman for his wish list of locations, and I’m pretty certain Spain wouldn’t even warrant a mention. Narrow it down to large wild brown trout and I’ll put money on it that New Zealand and Iceland would be topping the list. Reference Spain in the same sentence as double figure wild brown trout and most people laugh at you…until you start showing them pictures.
Add to the big, double figure browns the chance for ‘huchen’ (Danube salmon) and the oddity that is barbel on the dry fly, and you have a piscator’s paradise at a fraction of the cost of most locations, with almost insurable good weather and only a two hour budget flight away. Be warned, the big rivers require wading, so this adventure is only suitable for those with waders, a level of fitness, and ambition. The big trout are taken from what the Americans would call a tailwater: water released from the bottom of a reservoir, so always cold and full of oxygen.
Combine this with bright Spanish sunlight and you get amazing weed growth and the attendant insect life – the synergy required to produce double figure wild browns routinely.

And if the monster browns aren’t enough to excite, wait until dusk and swap your dry fly for a big streamer to head to some of the deeper pools in search of huchen. Known to exceed 100lbs in their home waters, Spain hosts one of the only self-sustaining populations outside their original catchment, the Danube.

Our guide is nothing short of a genius: as long as you can throw a reasonable line, he will have you handling 20ft leaders in no time and casting tiny, drag-free flies to the waiting leviathans.You may be fishing light, but the fish are BIG!

Whatever your fluff-flicking desire, Spain, unexpectedly, can accommodate you in style. From less than £200 a day (including accommodation, food and fishing), a trip doesn’t need to break the bank, stretch beyond a weekend, or require the purchase of new kit.
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Fact File


March and April, June and July, September and October

Prime season from 3rd week of March to 15th of April,  all of June and from 3rd of September to 15 of October.


There is no specific clothing required but neutral and natural colours are most suited.
Wading is essential and we recommend neoprene waders for most of the season as the water fished remains cold all summer, please ensure your waders are disinfected before arriving.
Polarised sunglasses and a hat will not only provide protection but make spotting of fish easier.


9-10ft 4-5wt


All  fishing can be accomplished using a floating line.
The tippet recommended are in the region of 3lb breaking strain and should be coupled with leaders in excess of 20ft.


Most mayfly patterns will work, your guide will have a supply of local favourites with him at all times.

Group Size

For 1 or more anglers

Airport of arrival



Travelling to the UK from within the EU needs no visa
Travel from outside the EU may require a visa at the port of entry

Spanish fishing licences will be arranged by Outside Days




None required


It is standard practice to tip the fishing guide at the end of the day/trip.




GMT +1

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