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Just south of the Arctic Circle, where summer nights are over before you blink and the only thing keeping you from fishing 24 hours a day is your stamina, is some of Sweden’s most spectacular salmon fishing.
The wild, wide-bottomed Byskeälven (river Byske) with its boulder-strewn riverbed and idyllic forested banks is the poster child for Swedish salmon rivers and an excellent reason to brush up on the basics of Scandi-style casting (roll casts, sinking lines and heavy shooting heads). The style evolved to tackle situations like those presented on the Byske: stretches where the boulders make wading risky and the conifer-ridden banks offer little room for back casting.
The Byske is rainfall-dependant…fortunately there’s a better than 50% chance of rain on average in the summer. And when rain comes, the fishing can be absolutely extraordinary.

The salmon population of the Byske is a subspecies of the Atlantic salmon Salmo salar that spends its entire life-cycle in the Baltic and its feeder rivers. An average Byskeälven salmon weighs in at 10kg while season’s bests top out around 18kg.

Whether you’ve cut your double handed teeth on the Spey, spent summers knee-deep in Russia’s rivers, or have never Scandied at all, you’ll find opportunity and challenge on the Byskeälven. Our guides have the local knowledge to give experienced rods the inside track and the patience and passion to teach new skills to novices.

Swedish hospitality is at its best in the fishing camp, from picturesque rustic cabins to meals that start in waders on the river, include a bit of gourmet foraging and conclude around a campfire. With hot and cold running guides to cater to your fishing whims 24 hours a day, it’s easy to be spoilt in Sweden.Book Now

Fact File


June to August


There is no specific clothing required, but neutral and natural colours are the most suitable.To make the most of this trip you will be doing a lot of walking so make sure you have suitable footwear.
Wading is essential and the water can be too cold to make wet wading comfortable. Please ensure your waders are disinfected before arriving.
Polarised sunglasses and a hat will not only provide protection but make spotting of fish easier.


10-14 ft  7-10wt


We recommend using a shooting head in 3 or 6-7 sink with plenty of backing
Short 1.5-2m leaders with a 30lb breaking strain are used with a selection of sizes of tippet


A selection of salmon flies will be used, with tube flies being the most popular. We recommend Kunte Culex, Banana, Black Bear Red Butt, Silvery Gary and Fredrik’s Ferrari tubes.

Flies are available at the lodge or can be purchased in advance.

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Group Size

Maximum of 4 anglers

Airport of arrival



Travelling from within the EU needs no visa
Travel from outside the EU may require a visa at the port of entry

Swedish fishing licences will be arranged by Outside Days


Be prepared for mosquitoes (weather dependant). We strongly recommend head and bed nets along with a high percentage deet repellent.


None required but we always recommend that you have at least standard travel insurance.


Tips to the guides are included in the price of the trip.


Sewdish Krona


GMT +1

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