Driven Pheasant Shooting Ireland

December 15, 2011

I have a reputation for offering great (if unconventional) sport in obscure locations. If you don’t believe me, make sure you are signed up for the next mail shot.
So the request to find not just driven shooting in Ireland, but high pheasants within partying distance of Dublin, seemed staid and predictable…at first glance. As it turns out, much of the shooting in Ireland is let out to sporting clubs, taking the form of rough or walked up shooting. It’s easier to find a pebble dash replica of a hacienda or the Taj Mahal than a good shoot producing reliably high birds. Fortunately, years of networking pay off when it comes to shaking the tree for venues, and I knew exactly who to track down for the inside scoop. 

[two_third_last padding=”0 .5 0 0″]High Irish pheasant [/two_third_last]

Years of selling sport has turned me into a nail-biting sceptic when it comes to new shoots…hence my instance on seeing everything I sell and using my team of guinea pigs to try before YOU buy. So the well-worn Irish homily, ‘Not a problem! It will be grand,’ is enough to give me sleepless nights. Fortunately, my spies had outdone themselves with a stunning shoot in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. A father and son team with a reputation for excellence that precedes them across the Irish Sea, Fiach and Ciaran show the finest Irish birds to their countrymen and foreigners alike seven days a week during the season.

Guiness please

One of the guns (who’s honour and job I’ll protect by leaving his name out of it), declared the second drive of the day the best drive he’d shot on in years…high praise from someone who has already shot 50 days this year on some of the best-known shoots in England. Shooting on a Sunday has great advantages when it comes to getting the most of your season and organising a busy team. With a little clever planning it is possible to leave the UK on a Friday evening, shoot two stunning days and be back at your desk on Monday morning. Add to that the legendary hospitality available, from the lure of Temple Bar to the soothing ministrations of the spa at the hotel, we can tailor a package of sport and fun to suit. I’ve already taken the first Irish bookings of 2012, so get craicing.



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