Feral Hog Heaven and Bob Whites over Pointers

April 26, 2008

Despite the perception of  Texas being populated by longhorn cattle, cowboys and cacti, when we arrived East Texas was just drying out from a flood. Ranch manager cum wildlife biologist Zach Willeford and Mike, a Texas Parks and Wildlife ranger, awaited us with weapons at the ready. In a country where you can buy a rifle at WalMart (read ASDA with prices to match), most ranch guests bring their own. Our borrowed arms were a variety of calibres from 30.06 to 9mm. Having proven our metal on the range, we mounted quads and set out across the 5,500 acre ranch after hogs. Feral pigs, the hogs are a mix of escaped farm stock, wild and Russian boar. Quads may be designed for off-road, but Argo carts they’re not…although with a little persuasion they got us to our highseats. The first night was quiet with the exception of Martin who was ‘treed’ in his high seat by a troupe of raccoons.
The following morning we woke determined to redress our duck. While Martin and I tried our hand at Bob White quail over German short-haired pointers, Jeremy and David stalked in seriousness. Between them they bagged a pair of hogs and Jeremy took his first whitetailed deer. We swapped quarry, and after determining that it required rounds in the chamber to make any impact, Martin and I finally bagged our hogs.