Sporting Guinea Pigs go to Texas

April 26, 2008

Every year I try to add at least one new package to our repertoire. With the exchange rate in our favour, and the welcome mat out at friends’, it seemed only right to sample Texas. I am loathe to experiment on clients, so friends get roped in as lab rats (for those of you keen to join the rat ranks, I am contemplating 2009 trips to Outer Mongolia for taiman and partridge, and Peru for peacock bass).
This year’s cohort were head keeper Martin ‘Sausage’ Broad, vermin control officer David Hillier, and stalker Jeremy Mason Elliot (as it turns out, stalker only has one meaning in America, and it is nothing to do with deer…led to many amusing introductions).
On arrival in Dallas, we made straight for the hallowed halls of Bass Pro and Cabellas where everything and anything shooting and fishing is available. As the rats emptied their pockets and filled newly-purchased cavernous hold-alls, I contemplated the virtues of over-the-counter handguns and over-the-top interior decor. As if the range of items available in RealTree (cot duvets, sofas, underwear…why do you need camo Y-fronts) wasn’t proof enough that anything’s for sale in Texas, we came across the following emporium en-route to hog-hunting. Why?

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