Cartoonist’s Pen Shoots Down Sporting Agent

June 27, 2010

Well, its finally happened. After years of leg-pulling, stick-giving, and micky-taking at my beloved clients’ expense, one of you has finally gotten your own back. And oh so publicly, too. Talented satirical cartoonist Andy Sipson got his revenge with an image on his Facebook page.
Andy, his father, and the coffee table with legs he swears is a springer spaniel joined me for a walked up day this past season. I can’t honestly remember being that insulting (aside from a few choice comments when hunting for his lost ‘dog’). No. 2 observes I must have made an impression as 5 months later he posted this incredibly accurate (if a bit pointed) cartoon of me on Facebook. After howling with laughter and sending the cartoon to everyone we know, No. 2′s scheming to redecorate with placemats, notecards, and wallpaper featuring what she describes as Andy’s art. My ego hasn’t recovered enough to be objective.
There’s no doubting the man’s talent. If you can think of a good use to which to put his talents, the commissioning process is a dawdle. All Andy needs is a photo of the victim and a character sketch of their personality traits and he’s away. Alternatively, he’ll join you on a shoot day and produce a series of cartoons to capture the characters and misadventures. Just beware. That quiet exterior belies a wicked sense of humour readily released on the unsuspecting sporting agent.