Halfway Through The 2014/15 Season

November 23, 2014


By the time mid-November has arrived bird, dog and man have all bedded into the season. We’ve all seen rain, wind and even a few frosts. The birds are flying better, the dogs are behaving worse and our shooting ability…well, I’ll leave that to you to fill in. For those of you who follow our exploits on Twitter and/or Facebook, you’ll know we’ve been courting the press as well as topping up hip flasks, soup bowls and cartridge bags. I thought it was about time to share the results with a wider audience.
Filming Spanish Barbel

Our Spanish barbel has been a big hit with plenty of repeat visits for fun in the sun. When a well-known fishing TV company eager to join the barbel bandwagon approached me, it seemed the ideal opportunity to share the joys of chasing ‘Europe’s own bonefish’ as they’ve been christened. The video captures just a little of the magic. 2015 is booking fast, so if you are interested, get in touch.

In The Press

I always wait with trepidation after we’ve had a journalist out to cover a day. Even when a day goes swimmingly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, you never quite know what they’re going to say, or what they’ve seen (or missed) during the day. Anticipation keeps me awake nights and has me haunting the aisles of my local newsagents.

So after Charlotte Lycett-Green and photographer Paul Quagliana joined us for a day at Fox Farm, I was relieved to hear that the article was being published in short order. In fact it’s in the bumper Christmas Special issue on shelves now! Charlotte did a great job of capturing the essence of fun camaraderie that characterises our scratch days.

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