Introducing: Nick Morgan

February 27, 2011

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Outside Days is customer service. Okay, I hear you chortle, it often comes with a measured dose of my humour, soup and a sausage roll. But as we’ve grown, wherever possible, its come with me. In 2010 that became impossible. Because the cloning industry seems to be intransigent in its focus on farm animals, the technology just isn’t there to enable me to replicate myself Michael Keaton-style. So I’ve had to outsource and add a new member to the team.

Please join me in giving a warm field sports welcome to Nick ‘Morgy’ Morgan. For some of you, this introduction comes a tad late, but No. 2 insists you should be flattered: like my kids, I wouldn’t introduce my clients to that special someone until I was certain that they had staying power. Morgy and his canine sidekick Jenson will be holding down the fort when other engagements preclude my joining you, as well as by special request. Into his second score in the shooting field, his experience runs from rats and pigeons to lions, tigers and bears. And he makes a mean soup.
In my defense, when not pursuing pigeons or his life’s ambition of a McNab, Morgy runs Morgan’s Fine Barbecue & Spit Roast Cuisine where expectation is only surpassed by reality. So when you meet Morgy in the field next year, the correct form of address is “Hellooooo Tiger…”. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to explain.