The Mayfly Have Landed

May 27, 2008

It’s been a funny kind of year for flies: almost no hawthorne, and straight into the mayfly hatch. Despite a stiff breeze, the mayfly started hatching about lunchtime on Tuesday, and trout took immediate notice. After a morning with limited surface activity (mainly grass snakes on the move), the clients and I packed it in and headed to the Peat Spade Inn for beer and sympathy.
Changing the morning’s Klinkhammers for Grey Wulf and French Partridge to better mimic the rise, we tackled up and strode out to face the challenge. The experienced rod of the pair was quite quickly into a string of nice fish, catching 3 brownies in rapid succession. Just when the chalkstream novice was ready to blow retreat and head back to lakes and ponds, the fish obligingly took his fly. Needless to say, four brown trout later (including the 4lb plus fish of the day), he is off to invest in his first river rod.
With the weather set to change at week’s end, it will be interesting to see whether the mayfly are still around in number, or if the hatch slows.