Sporting Kit Review: Trigger Stick

November 8, 2014


My abandonment of plastic garden canes in favour of the Primos Trigger Stick should be all the endorsement you need.
All cultural and racial stereotypes aside, I’m notoriously tight. I prefer to view it as conservative, considered and judicious with cash, but I’m assured that tight is a more efficient description. There are plenty of distracting and inventive products launched in Britain each year…even more if you’re happy to shop beyond these shores in the States or Germany. And that’s after the necessary replacement of worn out bits of kit. So when I came back from a stalking expedition to Spain and immediately ordered a Primos tripod, my brow was checked for a fever.
Out mouflon stalking, I’d borrowed Fernando’s trigger stick and fallen in love with the speed with which it allowed you to get on shot. Unexpectedly necessary when stalking a sheep. The clever trigger enables you to operate one-handed, and the whole thing is specifically designed around the requirements of stalking rather than growing garden peas. So it’s silent, lightweight, adjustable, rotateable all with a singular lack of fuss and pfaff. This is the piece of kit, after my rifle of course, that I wouldn’t go woodland stalking without. If you’re humming and hawing about whether to give up canes, take the leap and you won’t look back. £