Sporting Kit Review: Vertx Trousers

January 1, 2015


With the tag line ‘for the Operational Athlete’ Vertx have created certain expectations for their trousers. And arguably for the (wo)men who wear them.
Clothing is a big deal here at Outside Days HQ. Being comfortable in the field in all conditions is critical to enjoying a day. The minute you’re cold, damp, hot, sweaty…whatever’s outside the optimum, it can become a distraction. On top of that I’m notorious for being hard on kit, and my trousers tend to bear the brunt of any wear and tear. So when the guys at Nightgear sent me a pair of Vertx VTX1000 with the invitation to do my worst, I was only too ready to please. Ninety eight percent cotton and two percent Lycra, these trousers are best described as medium weight. This puts them into a bit of a seasonal/climate no man’s
land in my cupboard – neither light enough for hot weather or heavy enough for cold. I tend to buy with a single function in mind, so struggled at first to see how these would fit into my rotation. However, on days when I pondered just what to wear, it was inevitably these that I reached for. So if you are a temperate sportsman and like one pair of trews for all seasons, these could well be for you. Mine are certainly well-travelled, having been to the Arctic tundra, fishing in Spain, and stalking on my doorstep among other outings. Smart enough for a corporate clay day with all the pockets I need when stalking or fishing, they’ve had any number of wearings and still look new. For something with such a high percentage of cotton, they’ve avoided the attentions of No. 2’s iron and still look smart. I’m still buying trousers with a specific purpose in mind, but wouldn’t kick these out of my closet.

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