Stay In The Know AND Get To Go

March 27, 2011

All clients are created equal, but the ones on the Outside Days Mailing List get offered sport first. In our 24-7 365 day world of blogging, tweeting and emailing, the List is the best way of reaching most of you without joining the spamming hordes. It gives us the opportunity to offer you deals from single guns in a line to last minute sport to cancellations that would otherwise pass you by. Most special offers never make it past the mailing list: last year 5 days of walked up or mini-driven grouse were snapped up in hours; numerous cancellations at half price; scratch days were filled before ever seeing the publicity of the blog. For some of you, this will be like sucking eggs, for others I fear it comes as a complete revelation. Either way, the List works on the simple premise that if you are interested you’ll come back with a reply, if not you’ll just ignore me. It’s a hassle-free way of ensuring you’re in the know. Put your name on the List now. Our latest mailing: I’m predicting a BBQ summer (Morgy will certainly be having one). Optimist? Me? Well if not a July and August scorcher, I’ll settle for a sim game spring. If you haven’t discovered the beauty of potting the featherless bird, Game Clay Days work on the same principle as a driven day’s sport, but with no beaters or sausage rolls and better weather. Instead of flushing birds over you, we fling clays from cover and woodland. Whether a novice shot or old hand clay days offer a chance to dust off your sporting etiquette, brush up on your shooting and make plenty of noise. For the novices (to clay or game) we can provide loaders cum coaches to explain the intricacies of a driven day in a safe and unpresurised environment. And fire around 500 cartridges in a day. The scratch days are back by popular demand, so if fielding a team of 10-16 guns proves impossible, why not join a made up team on: Friday 6th of May or Friday 10th of June 2011 Scratch days are £175 per gun to include refreshments on arrival, lunch, and of course enough clays to satisfy anyone (in excess of 3,500 clays over the line in the course of a day). Call or email to reserve your place…as always it is first come first served on scratch days. Alternatively if you can field a whole team of bangers, please contact me to discuss dates and requirements (yours and mine). The shoot is located just north of the M27 at Romsey.