Website Relaunches

January 6, 2014


Eagle-eyed blog visitors and regular users may have noticed (and lets face it, it would have been hard not to) a conspicuous absence from the www world and uncharacteristic silence over the past five months. In September, the site became the victim of a malware attack and we had to take it down. To be honest, we’d already been thinking a revamp was overdue and had plans under way with the talented team at Kinetic Buzz.
So how hard could it be to do a little nip and tuck and have a new and improved site up? Glass half full man that I am, I thought we’d have a site back up and running for the start of pheasant shooting in October. It’s January.

What can I say? Wife No.2 is a perfectionist with tendencies that run toward pedantry and an English degree. Combine that with the broader offering of sport the new site presents, and the number of days I’ve hosted this season and I’m considering myself blessed that the team got the site up before Easter.

We think you’ll like a lot of the new features…to the gun who complained that there wasn’t much information, thanks for the nudge and we hope you enjoy the added depth. Have fun exploring all the new whizz bang toys we’ve added and do get in touch to let us know what you think. We even have a button for the purpose (how flash are we?!)

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