Famous for its beef, tango and doves, Argentina is a country of unforgettable drama. From the wild life of Buenos Aires to the wildlife of the pampas (grasslands) and the panoply of landscape and culture between its extremes, it’s easy to be dazzled by Argentina’s heady mix.

The people are proud and delighted to share the benefits and beauty of their country, taking great pride in regaling you with local history and colour. Just don’t expect them to be too concerned about time: the relaxed approach to the clock encourages you to take a deep breath and relax into the rich blend of the familiar European and exotic South American that is Argentina.

The second largest country in South America (after Brazil), Argentina was named by the Spanish who conquered it in search of fabled silver mountains. It doesn’t have any, but the name stuck. Export-oriented agriculture makes up a large part of the economy: with cereals, sunflower seeds and soybeans to protect, it’s no wonder controlling wild populations of avian pests is a priority. Especially when the population of paloma or eared doves is estimated to be somewhere north of 23 million.

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Argentina is one enormous natural theme park with thrills galore. The dramatic subtropical lushness of Iguazu Falls contrasts with the arid steppes of Patagonia, Andean peaks (several topping 6000 metres), ice fields, salt flats and glacial lakes, the great grassland of the Pampas and rich wetlands greatest attraction: the natural world. The Argentinian fauna reflects the diversity, blossoming with contrasts like penguins and caimans, flamingos and capybaras.

Like the rest of the southern hemisphere, Argentina’s seasons are the polar opposite to ours. The autumn months (March to May) are spectacular, with comfortable weather for touring Buenos Aires. Or maybe the winter months (May to August) when doves can be combined with perdiz, duck and even skiing catches your fancy. The wildly varying climates are just one more example of Argentina’s diversity, so be prepared for some extreme packing.


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