Texas, USA



There’s a reason half of Europe as well as a handful of Native American tribes fought over Texas: there’s something to hunt 365 days a year and plenty of fish.

With in excess of 5,000 supervised and guided hunts, Texas offers something for every hunter. On the wing, an array of waterfowl, quail, and turkey abound. For the rifle shot, whitetail and hog are widely available, along with an enormous range of ‘varmint’ and exotics from antelope to zebra.

For the fisherman, some of the best largemouth bass in the USA are to be caught in Texas. Freshwater striped bass on the fly are a great fish for the dog days of summer. On the Gulf coast, barracuda, red drum, southern flounder, king mackerel, snook and tunny abound to tempt the sports and fly fisherman alike.

As the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends, ‘Life’s short. Hunt big.’

Fact File

Texans are friendly folk, extremely proud of their state and country, and this makes them excellent and amiable hosts. Expect to make lots of friends and learn plenty about Texas, it’s history and just what makes it special. Asking a Texan about the six flags that have flown over Texas is a surefire way of starting a patriotic history lesson. Texas is the second largest state in the USA, and the largest of the lower 48. It’s also the second most populous…but don’t worry about the crowds: at three times the size of Britain, it’s population’s about a third of the UK’s.

This huge state has subtropical coastline, dry as a desert counties, windy mountains and the panhandle which sports the hottest and the coldest temperatures in the state. In other words, the state’s got some of the most extreme weather in the USA, and although regions have certain climate characteristics, expect almost any weather anywhere.

Public transport isn’t a big feature of Texas life: this is car country. So if you’re extending your stay beyond your time with us, definitely plan on having four wheels. Just bear in mind that like everything else in Texas, distances are big.

Sportin' Shopping


If you’re looking to hide from your better half and lack the convenient facility of a shed, this brace of American ‘outdoors’ emporiums have the answer: Realtree camouflage. Available in everything from pants to reclining chairs and wallpaper, you’ll be able to hide in plain sight. An integral part of any American excursion, even for the dyed in the wool non-shopper, Bass Pro and Cabelas offer an extraordinary range of kit for the sporting lifestyle all attractively displayed in themed amusement arcades for fieldsports enthusiasts. In case you want to maximise your time on the ground, we’ve included helpful links to their online worlds.


Bass Pro Shops

Despite the name, this is so much more than a fishing store. It’s field sports as lifestyle
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The leader in the outdoor equipment business, they’ve been kitting out Americans since 1961
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Hog and Varmint Stalking

If it’s plenty of sport you’re after, feral hogs and the species evocatively grouped as ‘varmint’ are prizes worth pursuing
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Bobwhite Quail Over Pointers

Chasing bobwhite quail over pointers produces exhilarating fast shooting that sets the blood pumping and heart racing
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Largemouth and Striped Bass Fishing

Join in the American obsession with catching bass…add fast boats to the mix and it’s a recipe for a new fishing addiction
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