Walked-up Shooting in the UK



For the fit, walked up shooting in the UK offers guns the chance to earn their sport without bag expectation or limit. From intimate pheasant boundary days in the Home Counties to grouse in the expanses of the Outer Hebrides, to partridge in the flatlands of the Fens to woodcock on the ancient Cornish moors, we offer a variety of small day for any budget and most fitness levels. Walked up days are a return to our roots as hunter-gatherers, and to the roots of shooting. Whether a chance for guns to shoot over their dogs, or just to enjoy the British countryside from another  perspective, these outside days are our passion, as well as being the source of the company’s name.

Fact File

Once considered the ideal place for youngster to start, walked-up shooting in today’s world is more suited to guns with some experience, it is far easier to learn the sport when stood still on a mini-driven day than while walking over rough ground..

Due to the nature of the sport a degree of physical fitness is required as one slow gun can spoil the day for the rest of the team, if in any doubt please feel free to call us and discuss any concerns you may have.

Always make sure you know and understand the rules of engagement before the day starts, this includes if ground game are to be shot or if any other species are off the list for the day.



Grouse Over Pointers

A great way to start your season whether on the Glorious 12th or after: every point will make your heart race
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Walked Up Grouse

The most physically demanding and satisfying way to shoot grouse, walked up challenges your ability to maintain a straight line
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Walked Up Pheasant

Boundaries, hedgerows and outlying woodland provide the backdrop for exciting snapshooting and unpredictable birds
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Walked Up Woodcock & Snipe

To truly appreciate the aerial acrobats that are woodcock and their cousins the snipe, a day’s walked up is in order
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Woodcock & Snipe Over Pointers

Shooting truly wild birds in a truly wild location is what makes woodcock and snipe over pointers so exciting
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