Wild Bird Shooting in the UK



Wild bird shooting in the UK is disappearing as our lives become more urban than rural and lose their dependency on the land.We are committed to offering as many as possible the chance to pursue a sustainable connection with our roots and all the excitement that entails. From foreshore to mountain top, via withy bed and wash, wild shooting includes some of the most formal and expensive sport (driven grouse) and some of the least (wildfowling). This is as often sport without bag expectancy or shot ratio as it is with, but it always offers days packed with the beauty of the British Isles, challenge and plenty of fun.

Fact File

Unlike the more conventional driven pheasant and partridge shoots, wild bird shooting is open to an array of vagaries beyond anyone’s control.

Grouse shooting is normally sold with a bag expectancy and has to be booked before the end of the previous year if you want to avoid disappointment and get anywhere near the date you’d like. Spring counts prior to breeding give an indication of how the birds have overwintered, but it is not until the final counts have been completed in July that your day is guaranteed to be going ahead. Large leaps and bounds have been taken in the knowledge and implementation of wild grouse husbandry, but as yet there is no way of controlling the weather during the breeding season.

Woodcock and snipe shooting never have bag expectancies. We can tell you about averages, talk estimates and supply you with all kinds of statistics, but at the end of the day all they are is numbers. Driven south by weather conditions several thousand miles away, the timing of the migration is impossible to predict. A mild winter in Russia can mean birds arriving late, but an early hard freeze there can result in good numbers of birds relocating to the UK in November, some moving further South if starts to freeze here.

Wildfowling never has a bag expectancy. Again, we can woo you with statistics, means, averages and estimates, but Mother Nature is fickle and loves to prove man wrong (for good or bag). Weather has an impact here, but this time it’s local as well as international that will impact your shooting. Similarly, the array of species is predictable, but not something we guarantee.



Driven Grouse

Indulge in the epitome of driven and wild shooting: driven grouse. The king of game birds exceeds expectations as a challenging target
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Walked Up Grouse

The most physically demanding and satisfying way to shoot grouse, walked up challenges your ability to maintain a straight line
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Grouse over Pointers

A great way to start your season whether on the Glorious 12th or after: every point will make your heart race
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Driven Woodcock

Although numbers can’t be guaranteed, driven woodcock represents the best chance of joining the exclusive Woodcock Club
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Walked Up Woodcock & Snipe

Be careful…we’re pretty certain bog woppits and timberdoodles should be registered as addictive substances
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Woodcock & Snipe Over Pointers

Either of these waders can be found tucked into the heather on the open hill, neither gun nor handler know what will flush next     Find out more


Wildfowling: Scotland Goose & Duck

Exposed to the whims of coastal weather, wildfowling takes guns to some of Britain’s wildest spots
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