Wildfowling: Coastal Scotland Goose & Duck



Exposed to the whims of coastal weather, wildfowling takes guns to some of Britain’s wildest spots. Here weather, tide and time of day combine to lure skeins of geese and duck over the shoreline and into shot.
Whether you are dedicated (dare we say obsessive?) wildfowlers or just a team looking for truly wild sport, this is the chance to shoot an array of native British geese and ducks. Our passionate and experienced guides give you the edge needed to tackle canny fowl and untamed elements, the difference garnered by local knowledge and hours spent on the Rosshire seashore in all weathers season after season.
A week-long adventure packed with a plethora of wildfowling options and opportunities, this trip is designed for teams of 4 to 8 guns. Stretching from Sunday to Saturday, the exact programme varies, depending on the vagaries of tide, weather and the quarry’s habit. However, it is likely to include some or all of the following:           *Morning, tide and evening flights on the foreshore            *Decoying geese onto stubble fields                *Flighting on inland lochs
The flexibility of this week extends beyond the wildfowling: the standard accommodation is a self-catering cottage on the shore, but should you wish pub or guest house accommodation can also be arranged. For those not of the hardcore wildfowling fraternity, driven or walked up pheasant days can round out the week’s wild sport.

With all equipment provided, you only need bring your gun, warm layers, waterproof boots, and plenty of mud-resistant clothing. Well-trained, aquatically gifted canine companions are always welcomed.
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Fact File


1st September – 31st January (20th February on the foreshore)


Please ensure you have warm clothing and a waterproof coat. A hat and  face mask are both useful. Wetlands patterned camouflage is ideal, but any camo or drab colour will do.

Chest waders, while not essential, are strongly recommended


Double barrelled shotgun, normally 12 bore
Semi-auto 12 bore with a magazine capacity of no more than three shots


Non-toxic shot is law: please ensure that you have the correct ammunition to suit your gun
If you would normally shoot 36g 5’s, when shooting steel shot rais the shot size to 4’s or 3’s

Please shoot to your cartridge/gun and your ability: ‘high shooting’, the taking of shots outside your consistent kill range, will not be tolerated.

Group Size

A  full team for a day’s shooting is normally 2-6 guns we do however run scratch days for individuals or small groups to join others to make up a full team.


Travelling to the UK from within the EU needs no visa
Travel from outside the EU may require a visa at the port of entry

You will need a licence to bring a gun into the UK and Outside Days can arrange visitor’s permits for you or provide rental guns on your arrival.




We require all our guests to have third party insurance, this can be obtained by membership to any of the British sporting organisations, for third party and shoot cancellation insurance we recommend the policy offered by Hiscocks.


It is standard practice to tip the guides at the end of a day’s/week’s shooting.


GBP sterling



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We welcome guns bringing their own dogs on these days, but please only well behaved and trained ones. You need to honest with yourself about your dog’s ability: what makes it a pleasure in the house might not be what makes it a pleasure wildfowling.

If you are not confident your dog will stay steady when birds are rising and guns are firing, then keep him on a lead or leave him at home.

Please be aware that your dog may have to stand in water. If this is not suitable then please do not bring him.