Shooting Overseas

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A passion for winged game transcends cultural, social and linguistic barriers, offering you the chance to experience another country from a privileged perch behind a shotgun.
Shooting is an integral part of cultures across the globe, and we offer an array of opportunities in a number of countries, so why not venture from Britain’s shores and experience new quarry species and new locations with age-old traditions to share? Overseas shooting can not only provide year round sport but take you off the well-trodden path and show you the delights of a country from a fresh perspective.

Fact File

Why buy overseas shooting from an agent?

We can’t speak for everyone, but at Outside Days we put a lot of thought, time and commitment into selecting our shooting overseas partners. A careful and rigorous selection process (usually including a guinea pig trip) is undertaken so that we know the team in country, and can share with you what to expect. A sporting holiday should include plenty of challenges, but we do our utmost to ensure that these are sporting and not lifestyle. To that end:

  • We will ensure that the guides/hosts at your destination are proficient in the trade and understand what you, as a client want
  • We will ensure all relevant hunting licenses and permits are in place
  • We will ensure you are aware of and have all relevant gun licenses in place before you enter the country

In short, we take the trouble, stress and effort out of enjoying your sport abroad.

Flying with firearms

We advise that all clients view the web site of the airline they are flying with, print out the guidelines  and take them with you. Very often the airline staff are not aware of their own regulations.

In general all checked firearms must be packed in a locked hard case, and be partially disassembled, with the key or combination to the case being kept by yourself.
If one of the screeners detects something suspicious or chooses to open the gun case, the airline’s representative will contact you to provide the key or combination.

We advise where possible to actually accompany your guns through the screening process, but do listen to announcements  in the terminal and at the gate to avoid unnecessary delays.

Most airlines travelling to or from the UK have a baggage allowance of 20kg to 23kg and some include the sporting equipment allowance within that however some do charge extra.

All airlines have a CAA-imposed 5kg limit for the transport of ammunition per passenger.


Airline websites

Aerolineas Argentinas
British Airways
South African Airways
Virgin Atlantic



Argentina: Classic Dove

If visions of clouds of doves taking to the air dance through your dreams, Argentina is your Promised Land
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Argentina: Duck Perdiz & Dove

The only Argentine lodge where it is possible to shoot duck, perdiz and dove in the same day without packing
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Croatia: Quail Over Pointers

Add a quick trip to Croatia in pursuit of migratory quail over pointers and setters to the diary
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South Africa:

Guinea fowl, geese doves and so much more wing shooting diversity to South Africa beyond its plains game
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Spain: Driven Perdiz (Partridge)

Driven perdiz is addictive: challenging birds shown at their best in exceptional scenery and weather
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Texas, USA: Quail Over Pointers

Chasing bobwhite quail over pointers produces exhilarating fast shooting that sets the blood pumping and heart racing
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