South Africa: Wing Shooting



Guinea fowl, and geese, and doves! Oh, my! The glorious diversity of wing shooting proves there is more to South Africa than plains game.

Going on safari to South Africa once meant weeks of travel just to get there, and time spent pursuing big game with even bigger rifles. Today its possible to catch a flight from London and be ensconced under canvas or in a lodge inside 18 hours.

And a yearning for zebra, lion or antelope can be replaced with a passion for winged targets. Among South Africa’s numerous natural blessings is its enormous diversity of bird species, somewhere in the region of 50 of which are quarry species.

The best of South Africa’s shooting is concentrated between May 1 and August 31 – the winter months in the antipodes. And this is when you will find Outside Days setting up camp ready to welcome you to the best sport in South Africa’s agricultural breadbaskets. Whether your passion is pigeon and dove, waterfowl, or Lancaster bomber (guinea fowl) and their spur fowl cousins, we can tailor a package to suit you.
In East Gruiqualand, where the provinces of Kwazulu Natal and Eastern Cape meet along the base of the Drakensberg Mountains are the Cedarville Flats. Here the Umzinvubu River has wandered across the fertile arable valley for centuries, damming ox bow lakes as it meanders to create the perfect habitat for ducks and geese as well as pigeon, dove and guinea fowl.
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Two excursions are planned for most days, with  most shooting taking place in the valley. When possible, we take to the slopes of the Drakensburgs, rough shooting over dogs in pursuit of grey and redwing francolin. Combining fluff flicking and the odd antelope with winged quarry is always a possibility: we love to turn dreams into fur, feather and fin.

Fact File


Year round, but for the best sport and widest variety of species June – August.


12-28 bore shotgun

Bring your own gun or rent on site.

April to July Lightweight summer shooting clothes for daytime, sun hats and sun block cream.

Warmer clothes for mornings and evenings, jacket and gloves for early mornings as vehicles are open.

Light comfortable boots for the fields.

Casual wear for evenings.

The temp in May is not normally above 20C during the day and as low as 4C or 5C at night with occasional frosts, but there is always sunshine in winter, it is rare there is ever rain at this time.


1-6 guns


King Shaka International Airport, Durban.


Visas are not required from most countries.

Hunting licences arranged by Outside Days.


Contact your GP for the latest recommendations.


We ask all our clients to ensure they hold third party liability insurance.

For foreign trips we recommend that individuals take out holiday insurance.


Tips to the PH and lodge staff.



Many places will accept USD or Stirling.


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