Spain: Driven Perdiz (Partridge)



Driven perdiz (partridge of the Spanish red-legged sort) is addictive: challenging birds shown at their best in exceptional scenery and weather.

Providing the perfect excuse to enjoy Spanish hospitality redolent with local flavours, our driven perdiz will show you a new side of Spain.

From gentle undulating land to deep ravines, the Spanish landscape is perfect for showing high quality driven partridge. As in driven shooting in Britain, beaters comb the landscape, pushing partridge gunwards. Only instead of winter stubble, they push through vineyards, olive groves and fields of grain. Rock rose, retama and rosemary replace bracken and brambles on sun kissed hillsides, combining with the cultivated land to provide the perfect habitat for perdiz.

With beating teams numbering up to fifty for a large day, no blade of grass is left undisturbed, no cover left unbashed in pursuit of presenting the best driven perdiz Spain has to offer.

Your puesto or peg is drawn by raffle before the first drive, and rotated as it would be for a British driven day. Like a pro athlete, you assume your puesto with an entire team to assist in your success. As you’d expect from such a team, each has a defined role to play in your success.

Instead of a caddy with whom to discuss the green and the correct club, you have your secretario, the soul of tact and wisdom, who advises on the best shot to take, where to expect the birds to appear, and counts the number of shots you fire and birds killed. Not discretely, you understand. Your failures and successes will be public knowledge as they’re shouted down the line in rapid-fire Spanish. So there’s little room for embarrassment, exaggeration or modesty here.

On larger days, the secretario will be joined by at least one cargador or loader who ensures you don’t waste a second loading. This is about helping you achieve maximum performance. Secratario and cargador act as your personal cheerleaders and sports psychologists, urging you on to higher birds and celebrating your achievement in full voice.

With the same vocal support for guns energising the entire line, there’s an adrenaline-filled joy that permeates these extraordinary days of driven perdiz.

You’ll return to the vagaries of British autumn or spring warmed through by Spanish sun and hospitality. And your shooting? We’ve known guns who got their eye in for the British season on Spanish perdiz in the early autumn return the following spring to prove a point.

Fact File


1st September – 28th February


12-28 bore shotgun, bring your own gun or rent on site.
No specific requirements, but as for British driven shoots this is a formal event and tweeds and a tie are recommended. If shooting early in the season the weather can still be very warm so shirt sleeves and light wait waistcoat are in order.


For full teams of 8 guns, individual spaces occasionally available.




If travelling from within the EU no visa required.

From outside the EU visas issued at the airport, a fee may be charged.
Hunting licences will be arranged by Outside Days




We ask all our clients to ensure they hold third party liability insurance.

For all foreign trips we recommend that individuals take out suitable holiday insurance.


Tips to both secretariat and keeper are expected.




GMT +1