Game Corporates Simulate Driven Days with Clays

May 12, 2008

Game clays offer corporate institutions the opportunity to swap the confines of an office meeting for rural vistas and salty banter. Simulating the experience of a driven shoot, game clays offer novices insight into the sport and more experienced shots the opportunity to hone their skills out of season.
The team who came down last week fired 4000 cartridges in two drives between 12 guns. We just discovered CCI’s latest clay, the Stardust, a florescent orange clay that explodes with a puff of pink powder when hit. By combining these with pink and white clays and awarding points for hitting certain clays and not others, a fierce competition was born.
Unseasonable May weather has given me a tan worthy of David Dickinson, but leaves the trappers muttering about hazard pay for their sunburns. A number of you have let us know our comment facility is on the fritz…we are working on it, but the computer genius behind the Outside Days website has gone walk-about on the Pennine Way so it may take a few days.