Chinese Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis)



More at home grazing the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Chinese water deer are the rarest of the wild British deer species.The British population can be traced to escapees from Woburn and Whipsnade where they were introduced between the World Wars: self-sustaining wild herds are found in Bedfordshire, northern Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.
As their name suggests, Chinese water deer prefer wetland habitats like the fens of Cambridgeshire and the Norfolk Broads, but have adapted to woodland edge and open fields.

These fanged deer are a must to complete a British species list: their rarity value adding a shine to what is perhaps not the most challenging of stalks.

The Michael Phelps of the deer family (individuals have been documented swimming several miles), Chinese water deer are solitary except in the rut. Somewhere between a roe and a muntjac in size, their round faces and large ears give them a ‘teddy bear’ appearance.

But it’s protruding tusks that are the most obvious and defining feature of Chinese water deer (and the absence of antlers in the bucks). These are actually canine teeth, and are ten times as big in males as females. So medals always go to male Chinese water deer. Book Now


Fact File

Outside Days offers stalking for Chinese water deer in Norfolk


England & Wales

Both sexes 1st November -31st March




Stalking Chinese Water Deer can be undertaken both on foot and from a high seat. Therefore clothing should be suitable for prolonged spells of sitting still, but be layerable to also be comfortable on the move. Full camouflage is useful but not essential, dull neutral tones are essential to help you blend into your environment.
Footwear dependant on time of year, but good strong boots or wellingtons, ideally one which you can feel the ground beneath your feet with.
A pair of binoculars is always useful when stalking.

Rifle and Ammunition

Minimum calibre England .220 with a muzzle energy exceeding 1000 foot pounds and a bullet weight of 50 grains or more

Group Size

All stalking is sold on a one to one basis unless otherwise requested


Travelling to the UK from within the EU needs no visa
Travel from outside the EU may require a visa at the port of entry
You will need a licence to bring a gun into the UK and Outside Days can arrange visitor’s permits for you or provide rental guns on your arrival.




We require all our guests to have third party insurance, this can be obtained by membership to any of the British sporting organisations.


It is standard practice to tip the stalker at the end of a day’s stalking. £20 is considered average but we believe the tip should also reflect how well you believe you have been looked after.


GBP sterling


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