Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)



Stalking red deer has been considered the sport of kings for centuries, and this species more than any other has defined the history of the sport in Britain. The largest native land mammal in Britain, red deer exist in localised pockets across the country except in Cumbria and Scotland, East Anglia and the Southwest where they are widespread.
Opportunities to stalk for red deer, hinds or stags, are not limited to the Highlands of Scotland, but present themselves from coast to coast across the width and breadth of the country.

Deer eking out a living on the open hill in Scotland will be smaller in stature and weight than their lowland cousins. Equally, the stalk itself is more physically challenging in the hills and peaks than on Thetford Forest simply as a by-product of geography.

There is little in the sporting diary that challenges stalking red stags in the rut for romance, but in winter hind stalking can provide fantastic stalking on a more affordable budget.

The heart-racing (except when taking the shot), adrenaline-fueled thrill of stalking a stag at the peak of his machismo, surrounded by his groupies is incomparable. The rack (a set of antlers) of a British red stag is branched, becoming more so with each season as he reaches the height of his masculine power. Designed to impress the ladies and put fear in the heart of his competition, antlers are cast (shed) in March or April, and regrown bigger and better by September.      Book Now

Fact File

Outside Days offer both cull and trophy stalking in Norfolk and Scotland


England & Wales

Stags 1st August – 30th April
Hinds 1st November – 31st March


Stags 1st July – 20th October
Hinds 21st October – 15th February


Stalking red deer is undertaken mainly on foot. Real tree camouflage is totally unsuitable for stalking on the hills in Scotland but would be useful if woodland stalking in Norfolk. Upon booking your stalking we will provide full details of suitable attire.
Footwear dependant on time of year and location, but good strong boots or wellingtons, ideally one which you can feel the ground beneath your feet with.
A pair of binoculars is always useful when stalking.

Rifle and Ammunition

Minimum legal calibre in England is 0.240 developing a muzzle velocity of 1700 FPS
The legal requirement for Scotland is that the bullet must weigh at least 100 grains, have muzzle velocity of 2450 fps or higher and a min muzzle energy of 1750 foot pounds.

Group Size

All stalking is sold on a one to one basis unless otherwise requested


Travelling to the UK from within the EU needs no visa
Travel from outside the EU may require a visa at the port of entry
You will need a licence to bring a gun into the UK and Outside Days can arrange visitor’s permits for you or provide rental guns on your arrival.




We require all our guests to have third party insurance, this can be obtained by membership to any of the British sporting organisations.


It is standard practice to tip the stalker at the end of a day’s stalking. £20 is considered average but we believe the tip should also reflect how well you believe you have been looked after.


GBP sterling


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