Stalking Overseas

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An array of ovids, antelope and porcine quarry, driven and stalked, provide an enticing and exciting cornucopia of stalks for those prepared to travel.

Perhaps a misnomer, given that hoofed game are both driven and stalked, stalking overseas unveils new aspects of familiar destinations…and the sport is unrivalled.

Fact File

 Why buy overseas stalking from an agent?

We can’t speak for everyone, but at Outside Days we put a lot of thought, time and commitment into selecting our stalking overseas partners. A careful and rigorous selection process (usually including a guinea pig trip) is undertaken so that we know the team in each country, and can share with you what to expect. A sporting holiday should include plenty of challenges, but we do our utmost to ensure that these are sporting and not lifestyle. To that end:

  • We will ensure that the guides/hosts at your destination are proficient in the trade and understand what you, as a client want
  • We will ensure all relevant hunting licences and permits are in place
  • We will ensure you are aware of and have all relevant gun licenses in place before you enter the country

In short, we take the trouble, stress and effort out of enjoying your sport abroad.

Flying with firearms

We advise that all clients view the web site of the airline they are flying with, print out the guidelines  and take them with you. Very often the airline staff are not aware of their own regulations.

In general all checked firearms must be packed in a locked hard case, and be partially disassembled, with the key or combination to the case being kept by yourself.
If one of the screeners detects something suspicious or chooses to open the gun case, the airline’s representative will contact you to provide the key or combination.

We advise where possible to actually accompany your guns through the screening process, but do listen to announcements  in the terminal and at the gate to avoid unnecessary delays.

Most airlines travelling to or from the UK have a baggage allowance of 20kg to 23kg and some include the sporting equipment allowance within that however some do charge extra.

All airlines have a CAA-imposed 5kg limit for the transport of ammunition per passenger.

Airline websites

Aerolineas Argentinas
British Airways
South African Airways
Virgin Atlantic


Croatia: Balkan Stalking

Mouflon, Chamois, Roe and boar make Croatia a stalkers paradise and all within reach of a dip in the Med
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South Africa: Plains Game

The epitome of stalking overseas and a bucket list stalking destination for the British stalker for two centuries…with reason
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Spain: Big Game

With a  diverse quarry list that includes ibex, chamois, mouflon and red deer, Spain offers a feast of stalking opportunities
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Spain: Monteria Driven Big Game

The driving of big game in Spain has a history equalling that of the better-known eastern European destinations
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Texas, USA: Hog and Varmint

If it’s plenty of sport you’re after, feral hogs and the species evocatively grouped as ‘varmint’ are prizes worth pursuing
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