South Africa: Plains Game



South Africa’s plains game epitomises stalking overseas, making it an aspirational destination for the British stalker for more than two centuries‚Ķwith reason. More stalkable species of quarry than you have fingers and toes and landscape that takes your breath away with its infinitely changeable beauty.
Whether you’re stalking on your doorstep or in the African veld, local knowledge is key to a sustainable and successful stalk: you will always be accompanied by an experienced, trained and licensed professional hunter (PH) and trackers. Our collaboration with a local outfitter enables us to offer top drawer walk and stalk hunting for all of the legally huntable species in southern Africa.
GH 28
Many of these are within 100km of our base in Kwazulu Natal, including bushpig, common reedbuck, blesbuck, oribi, duiker, bushbuck, kudu, zebra, eland and nyala. Nyala bulls lord it over the Kwazulu Natal bushveld, their graceful ivory-tipped horns completing their impressive regal bearing and quiet threat.
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An element of Africa’s allure is the magic of animals so at one with their surroundings that they are nigh on impossible to see…until the light changes and a delicate doe or huge ram reveals themself.
The abundance of great stalking in Kwazulu Natal will keep most hunters busy from dawn to dusk (especially when combined with wing shooting). To complement the stalking in Kwazulu Natal, we work with teams in provinces across South Africa including Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Freestate to enable us to offer stalking for all of the huntable species in the country.
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Mini 10 SLIDER 2
When it comes to quarry, Howard’s always been a firm proponent of the smaller the better (he did spend six months obsessively pursuing his first muntjac). So the Mini10 was love at first sight: ten species of antelope topping out at between 30 and 80 centimetres tall is his idea of stalking heaven.
The pursuit of these pint sized specimens will take you to southern Africa’s extremes, from the arid semi-deserts of Namibia to the lush coastal forests of Kwazulu Natal.

When it comes to presenting a sporting challenge, these goliaths risk making the Big5 look like a cakewalk.¬† As the saying goes, the best things come in small packages…

Our outfitter is equally passionate about these diminutive species, and consistently helps stalkers to bag top quality specimens of the Mini10 species.
To complete this feat, you’ll need to take blue, red and grey duiker, steenbuck, klipspringer, suni, oribi, Cape grysbuck, Vaal rhebuck and Damara dik dik.

Fortunately, only a small wall is required to display the taxidermied evidence of your achievement.
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Fact File


All year


Rifles should be in the 0.300 range.

The weather varies from an average minimum night time of 4C in June to an average maximum mid-day temperature of 38C in October so clothing should be selected appropriately.

Warmer clothes for mornings and evenings, jacket and gloves for early mornings as vehicles are open.

Comfortable strong boots for the fields.

Casual wear for evenings


1-4 guns


King Shaka International Airport, Durban.


No visa required for UK citizens but you will need a full clean page in your passport.

Hunting licences arranged by Outside Days.


Contact your GP for the most up to date recommendations.


We ask all our clients to ensure they hold third party liability insurance.

For foreign trips we recommend that individuals take out holiday insurance.


Tips to PH and lodge staff




GMT +2

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