Texas, USA: Hog and Varmint



From antelope to zebra, there’s plenty exotic to hunt in Texas. But if it’s plenty of sport and giggles you’re after, hog and varmint are prizes worth pursuing.
It’s rumoured that Texas has the world’s largest population of  blackbuck antelope (on the decline in its native India and Pakistan). What is certain is that Texans passion for big quarry created a population of exotic big game animals (more than 150,000 of them). That doesn’t diminish the sport to be had hunting the native varmints and pesky feral pigs.
In northeast Texas between the Sulphur and White Oak rivers in a landscape of uplands, rolling transitional fringes and hardwood bottom on 13,00o acres lies a family-owned ranch, the nirvana of sporting habitats.
Record book whitetail deer, two large lakes stocked with largemouth bass, and some of the best waterfowl habitat in the state do nothing to diminish the attractions of the ranch. But it’s the large population of feral hogs and varmints in abundance that are the real show-stoppers. Days are built to suit the weather and your mood: spend part of a day ensconced in a blind, stalking big hogs on foot, or spotlighting pork and lamping for a fricassee of varmint (racoons, possum and skunk to name a few). Reynard Fox is replaced by Wylie Coyote in this landscape…even without the lure of a roadrunner, there’s always the chance of an encounter.

Just a few hours east of the infamous urban hub of Dallas, the ranch boasts a rifle range, skeet lay out and of course a classic Texan rustic lodge overlooking 110acre lake. Designed to accommodate parties of eight in four twin rooms, the lodge has a social layout perfect for convening of an evening to share tall tales of hunting success and reminisce over the day’s events.
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Fact File



All year round.


Rifles should be in the 0.300 range.

For those wishing to travel lighter and take advantage of the array of guns permissible in America loan guns are available from the lodge.

Despite the belief that Texas is hot, during the winter and early spring  it can be extremely cold and good warm clothing will be required. In the summer clothing with built in SPF is recommended along with hats and polarized sunglasses.

Good walking boots are recommended


2-8 guns


Dallas Fort Worth


Travelling to the USA requires a visa to be obtained prior to take off, these can be  obtained online form US Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Hunting licences will be arranged by Outside Days.




For foreign trips we recommend that individuals take out holiday insurance.


Tips to the hunting guides and lodge staff are expected.


US dollar.


GMT -6

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