Grouse Afoot: The Need for Speed

August 27, 2009

I’ve just stopped long enough to reflect on the truly glorious Glorious 12th we had in Yorkshire… I’m in the throes of complex packing for more walked up grouse (this time over pointers, not people) in the Outer Hebrides. You would think that with numerous seasons trekking back and forth, I would have mastered the intricacies of packing my 20kgs for FlyBe. Alas, I will still be racing to unlace my grouse boots at security (too heavy to pack).
These pictures reflect some of what I love best about fieldsports: great company, unbelievable weather (despite the Met Office forecasts otherwise), the best of British scenery and of course incomparable sport.
For years I have been championing the ‘outside day’ in all its beautiful forms. From an amble along a hedgerow in Wiltshire to small driven ‘farm days’ in Hampshire or Lincolnshire, to grouse over spaniel, pointer, or gun in Scotland and Yorkshire. I’ve even braved the mother-in-law to track down the US equivalent in No. 2′s native land. And finally the rest of the world has caught on.
Small driven and walked up days have been flying out the door with all the speed of grouse with the wind up their bums. I sent our mailing list a newsbite with the latest offering late last night, and by morning tea it was gone. If you like what you’ve seen in the pages of this blog, then the best way to find out about our days is to join our mailing list. We don’t share your data, or abuse the privilege. And we certainly don’t expect a response to every newsbite (although we love hearing from you).