Walked up..and Up…and UP Grouse

August 14, 2008


What better way to start the season than three days spent tramping behind the dogs? Grouse over pointers makes you appreciate the beaters on driven days, and the quarry everyday.While the Yorkshire moors are producing record counts and predicting a fabulous season, in the Highlands we were being more selective, taking only old cock birds and leaving the young to fly on. Unintentionally, the trip turned into a bit of a father and son event, and it was wonderful to bask in the glow of shared experience. With Will holding down the fort for the next generation, his father had to work hard to keep up. By day three, Mike’s prowess was being challenged by a son who shot his first grouse on day one. I look forward to years of shooting in their company. With muscles screaming after months of disuse, we hauled ourselves across the hill after the dogs, and in hot pursuit of the keeper. By day three, the sight of the boat waiting loch-side to retrieve us came as a welcome surprise to the guns. And yet no sooner were they speeding away from the hill, than they were discussing their return.